Excellent patient care inspired by compassion


Nicholas Sol, DPM

I am Board Certified in foot and ankle surgery and I have many lectures and scholarly publications to my credit.

Nipa Yochim, MD

I chose pediatrics because I love being part of the your child’s care from infancy to adolescence. Each kiddo is so unique and it is a joy watching children grow and change through the years. My work is a true joy and my day can be filled from tears to squeals to laughter and I love it! I am married and my husband is a pharmacist and we have one son named Kieran. We love to travel around the world and enjoy hiking, biking and skiing.

Robert Underhill, MD

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, with two parents in healthcare, I remember being fascinated by medicine at a very early age. At every stop of my life's journey – college in Illinois, medical school in Oklahoma and residency training in Colorado – I've always found working with children to be most rewarding. And while I love being a pediatrician, I couldn't have done it without the support and sacrifice of my wonderful wife and our three children; I've learned more from them than any time spent in school.

LuAnne Sperando, MD

Being bilingual allows me to care for the needs of our Spanish speaking families.

Nicole McKinney, MD

The moment I decided to pursue a career in medicine, I knew I wanted to become a Pediatrician. A big heart, sensitivity, and intellectual curiosity are important traits in a Pediatrician that I have always valued in myself and my colleagues. I thoroughly love helping families through all the stages of childhood to foster the growth of healthy children and parents. I take a very collaborative approach to my practice.

John Kim, MD

I have a particular interest and experience working with children who’ve been adopted both domestically and overseas.

Kathleen Foote, MD

Before joining Mountain View Medical Group, I trusted my own children's care to the Monument office.

Laura Carson, MD

My passion for pediatrics stems from the relationships that I build with patients and their families, and the difference that I can make.

Lauren Puretz, DO

My interests include infertility, low and high risk pregnancies, surgical and non-surgical treatment of abnormal menses and urinary incontinence.

Jacqueline Skaggs, DO

After 17 years in Oklahoma, I am so happy to be back in Colorado Springs!

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