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Telemedicine COVID19 Patient Information

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You can now get care from the comfort and safety of your home. We are creating new ways for you to get the care you need especially during these challenging times. We are pleased to offer video visit to new and existing patients for primary care, specialty care and urgent care.
*Not all visits are appropriate for a TeleMedicine video visit. Our team will help determine if a TeleMedicine video visit is the right fit for your medical needs.

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Need care now? Now offering Urgent Care video visits!  
Our partner at Optum Urgent Care are pleased to offer video visits for certain medical conditions. To schedule your Urgent Care video visit call the Optum Urgent Care team at one of the locations below:

Monument Urgent Care
15909 Jackson Creek Pkwy.
Monument, CO 80132
Call to make an appointment
Phone: 1-719-488-9933

Medical Center Point Urgent Care
1633 Medical Center Point
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Call to make an appointment
Phone: 1-719-636-2999

Roundhouse Urgent Care
600 S 21st St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Call to make an appointment
Phone: 1-719-635-5900


What is TeleMedicine

TeleMedicine offers patients an opportunity to connect with their care team by phone or video.
Your care team can assess and treat medical needs, such as:

• COVID-19 (Concerns regarding mild to moderate symptoms or possible exposure)
• Clearance to return to work after illness
• Follow up of stable chronic conditions
• Routine medication refills
• Runny nose, mild to moderate sore throat, mild to moderate cough, possible pink eye
• Possible urinary tract infection
• Mild to moderate mood changes
• Localized body rashes
• And more…

In order to deliver secure care, we are offering video appointments through VSee. VSee is video appointment platform, which allows patients to securely connect with their care team in a video setting. Please review the steps below to schedule a video visit.

How to schedule a video visit

1. Call your doctor’s office to request a TeleMedicine video appointment
2. During your call you will receive instructions on how to access your video visit through VSee, a video visit platform
3. To access your appointment follow these steps:
Log in to the VSee application. VSee works on most devices and browsers with a camera. Your experience will be best on a computer using Chrome as your browser. Please select the device you will be using for your visit for the appropriate user guide:

Ten minutes before your appointment, enter the virtual waiting room through the VSee video visit application or website.

You will be placed into a virtual waiting room to see your provider. When your provider is ready, he or she will begin your video conference.

TeleMedicine FAQs

Can I get my prescriptions refilled?
Yes, you can get a prescription refill via a TeleMedicine visit.

Will my insurance cover this?
Coverage is dependent on your insurance policies. Please note that there may be a co-pay associated with this visit.

What if I don’t have access to internet?
If you don’t have internet, your phone is a great option for completing your video visit. Please note, standard data rates apply when using your cell phone data plan for a TeleMedicine visit.
What if I don’t have a device with a camera?
A TeleMedicine visit over the phone is a great option.
What if I need an in-person appointment?
We are still conducting essential in-person appointments. If you or a family member is in need of an in-person appointment, this is still available.
What if I need lab work?
If deemed necessary your provider can order your labs through a TeleMedicine visit and will then give you instructions on how to have these drawn with limited exposure to others.


VSee TeleMedicine technical support
Phone: 1-844-852-9225
Email: support@vsee.com
Support hours:

  • Mon. – Fri.,  7 am – 7 pm
  • Sat. – Sun., 8 am – 5 pm

When should I contact the VSee Technical Support Team versus my provider's office for questions?

Contact VSee Tech Support Team if:

  • You are having trouble downloading the application
  • You are experiencing difficulties with the performance of the application once you have downloaded it, or need general help getting set up on the platform 

Contact your provider’s office if:

  • You need to schedule an additional TeleMedicine appointment
  • You need to change/reschedule an existing TeleMedicine appointment
  • You have any questions specifically related to your health or are in need of general medical advice
At this time, we are unable to accept online payments.
Please mail in your payment or call our billing dept at 1-719-266-0411 to process your payment.
Thank you for your understanding.