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Suani Gandy, CPNP

Suani Gandy, CPNP
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  • Education Maryville University, Saint Louis, MO
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    As an Air Force veteran and not being from anywhere in particular, it is great to call the beautiful state of Colorado home. I have always known that my calling was to care for children and make a positive impact on their lives. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and have a special interest in the amazing lifelong benefits of helping moms breastfeed. I am also a Nationally Certified Asthma Educator and fluent in English and Spanish. Because I am a mother of four children, I know the importance of having a good support system. I am so excited to be a part of that empowering support system for families. I enjoy spending time with my family, learning, being outdoors, traveling, and going to the movies. 

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Patient Comments
Monday, Feb 22, 2021
Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021
She took her time, answered all the questions we had.
Thursday, Feb 4, 2021
Told me they would call the next day to follow-up but did not.
Thursday, Feb 4, 2021
She is really awesome NP.
Friday, Jan 22, 2021
I am troubled by the nurse practitioner's decision to suggest a lipid test/panel for a healthy 10 year old child, especially, when the panel is performed without fasting. Without fasting, results are not accurate, and any discussion of results is a poor use of a family's time. During the visit, when I addressed this concern with the nurse practitioner, she had no response or clarification for me. This suggests that she does not understand reasons for performing this test. I, too, wonder what the reasons are for performing tests of this nature on healthy children.
Thursday, Dec 17, 2020
NP, *Suani Gandy was simply the best. She went out of her way to make my son comfortable. She was kind; professional and went above and beyond to ease my son's nerve before a procedure.
Sunday, Nov 29, 2020
Loved meeting Suani NP for the first time. She was wonderful, took her time with me and baby even though she is my 4th kid, she was still thorough and asked how I was doing with a newborn. She answered extra lactation questions and that knowledge was very useful. She is fantastic!
Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020
Struggling with breastfeeding, currently working with lactation consultants. Provider made me feel like everything I've read/been told is somewhat wrong pertaining to breastfeeding.
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020
The nurse and np were both sweet and amazing even when patient needed nasal swab and needed reassurance.
Sunday, Oct 25, 2020
NP Suani listened to all our concerns, her help with the lactation was awesome.
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