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Laura Fitts, FNP-C

Laura Fitts, FNP-C
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4.6 out of 5 (215 patient ratings)
  • Speciality Family Medicine
  • Education Baker University & University of Colorado (CS)
  • About

    My career started as a cardiac, medical surgical, and family practice nurse in both hospital and private practice. Early on, I knew I wanted to continue my studies to become a Nurse Practitioner.  

    I received by Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Baker University in Topeka, Kansas and my Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

    Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I was raised in Parker, Colorado, and have worked in the health care profession in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. In addition to private practice, I am also a Certified DOT Medical Examiner. I have been with Mountain View Medical Group since 2009 and have a passion to help patients achieve, maintain, and improve their healthy standard of living.  

    In my free time, I enjoy camping and skiing with my husband and two children, as well as all the activities of School District 20. We have made this community home and I enjoy being a part of it socially and professionally.

  • Office Location Mountain View Medical Group at Centennial
Patient Comments
Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022
She was 0r9mpt, accurate, and courteous
Friday, Aug 26, 2022
I like her as a care provider however getting in for appointments is a hassle.
Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022
She was thorough and listened to everything I had to say. More than that, she recently saw my sister who has been struggling with the health care industry for several years now. Laura truly listened to her as well, didn't give her the usual copout answers that she's fine when she's clearly not, and actually followed through on several simple things that will make a world of difference in my sister's life. Laura's competence in dealing with my minor issue and my sister's larger ones make her one of the best health care professionals I've ever worked with.
Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022
She pays attention.
Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022
She was courteous, kind, and actually cared about my needs AND followed through with referrals to address the issues. I do wish I'd had more time to discuss further concerns but in half an hour I'm glad I was able to address the issues I did.
Friday, Jul 22, 2022
She has only done my DOT physicals and is responsive to my concerns.
Monday, Jul 18, 2022
We needed more information on adjusting my son's seizure medication, in order for him to be able to take Paxlovid (which you need to take within 5 days of onset of covid) that was prescribed to treat his covid. Apparently, Paxlovid doesn't react well with my son's Depakote and Lamictal seizure medications. We were told at Optum urgent care to ask the pharmacy what they recommend for a medication adjustment. At the pharmacy, they said we need to get adjustment for seizure medications from the prescribing person at Optum urgent care. I tried to get medication adjustment info from my son's neurology office, but was told by the [omitted] weekend staff that the prescribing person at Optum urgent care should tell me how to adjust the seizure medication. I left messages at Optum urgent care (Roundhouse) on [omitted] for someone to call me back regarding the medication adjustment. I was called back on [omitted] and that person apologized for their office not calling back sooner. They wanted to know if I was able to get the medication adjusted. Yes, I did get the medication adjusted by contacting my son's PCP (who was on a family vacation, but did answer my emergency phone call) on [omitted]. Laura Fitts was very prompt, flexible, and caring during our urgent care visit. We just needed more info regarding the seizure medication adjustment, before we left urgent care. Laura told us that she tried looking up info on recommended adjustments to those medications, but was not able to find adjustment info and recommended we ask the pharmacy for their recommendation.
Monday, Jul 18, 2022
DR. Fitts was able to work me into her schedule when I arrived at the wrong for my appt.
Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022
She did not identify herself when she entered the room, or at any time, so I only know who she was from others. She was dismissive of my questions and did not seem to care about my concerns.
Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022
Took care of problem as needed
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