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Kristy Powell Morman, MPAS, PA-C

Kristy Powell Morman, MPAS, PA-C
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4.7 out of 5 (71 patient ratings)
  • Speciality Family Medicine
  • Education University of Utah • Santa Clara University
  • About

    I believe in providing efficient, compassionate, personalized and evidence-based medical care to a diverse group of patients from all walks of life and backgrounds. My goal is to work with my patients through shared-decision making to determine the best plan for their lifestyle and healthcare needs. I am passionate about providing education and working with my patients through all stages of life and in treatment of their chronic or acute health conditions. I strive to maintain a judgement-free, inclusive space for all patients. My areas of specialty include managing chronic health conditions, treating mental health disorders (including anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder), addiction, sexual health, LGBTIQ patients (including transgender care) and adolescents. I am also certified to prescribe Suboxone to assist in the treatment of opioid addiction. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks, reading, knitting, cooking vegetarian meals, and spending time with my husband (also a PA), my cat Ernest, and loved ones.

  • Office Location Advantage Family Medicine
Patient Comments
Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021
PA Kristi was kind, caring, and very willing to listen to my health story. I appreciate the time that she took with me, something that is not always possible in an officer visit. The tele-conference format was effective for me.
Monday, Mar 29, 2021
Dr. Morman is one of the most congruent and attentive medical professionals I have ever come across. Her care is genuine and connecting.
Friday, Mar 26, 2021
Monday, Mar 22, 2021
I feel that Ms Mormon is willing and patient in listening and supportive in her treatment for my problems
Thursday, Feb 4, 2021
Kristy was knowledgable, concerned and caring.
Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020
no follow up as promised. no referal to cardiologist as promised
Sunday, Nov 15, 2020
Kristi was patient and answered my questions
Wednesday, Oct 28, 2020
I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Morman, she was so helpful and kind. Looking forward to having her as a care provider.
Monday, Sep 28, 2020
Very frustrating using the phone arrangement. I realize ths is a very hard time for everyone, but senior citizens need a special kind of care, maybe, that your group is not catering to.
Saturday, Aug 29, 2020
No empathy or compassion - I've never seen this Assistant before - she was not the Assistant I thought I'd be seeing - She knew nothing about my history but was quick to judge - I'd give her a NEGATIVE 5***** and no way would I recommend her - to be in the medical field it takes more than book smarts - you need a lil common since - remember you are human as much as anyone else and have empathy for others - if you don't know their situation DO NOT JUDGE THEM! One Heartless assistant you have working there!! Please let her know that not all medicines work the same on all people - thought she'd learn that in medical school!!
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