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Daniel Fellhauer, MD

Daniel Fellhauer, MD
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4.8 out of 5 (366 patient ratings)
  • Speciality Family Medicine
  • Education University of Missouri School of Medicine
  • About

    I began practicing family medicine in Colorado Springs in 1983, after completing my family medicine residency program in Denver. It has been a blessing for me to establish long-term relationships with my patients. I am particularly pleased to promote my patient's best health and help prevent disease through ongoing communication and regularly scheduled visits.

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Patient Comments
Tuesday, Aug 31, 2021
Great visit, good dialog and an overall good visit.
Sunday, Feb 28, 2021
Dr F is level headed. I get all spun up about a potential problem with a course of treatment and he says something like, "well some people do have those kinda problems but I don't think you are likely to be in that group.' Re recognizes, respect my concern but then puts in in the prespectiives of my situation and his clinical experience. very reassuring. bet you that's why he is so popular
Monday, Feb 1, 2021
Always good experience
Saturday, Jan 23, 2021
Dr Fellhauer exhibits an old fashioned concern for his patients that is sadly lacking in today's hurry up medical world
Monday, Jan 18, 2021
Monday, Jan 18, 2021
I noted that your clinic had not been proactive in reminding me of the need for an Annual physical. In fact, it appears that I skipped last year's physical... This seems a tad unacceptable for someone in my age group.
Monday, Jan 18, 2021
I've had another doc, female, step in because my primary was to booked, boy was that a mistake. I was in pain for weeks unnecessarily, had she just taken the time to listen, we would of been both the better. I'm sticking with Doctor Fellhauer, or going to emergicare
Monday, Jan 18, 2021
Thursday, Dec 10, 2020
I've been a patient of Dr. Fellhauer's for many years, and have always had excellent service. He's very professional and I feel comfortable talking to him, and with the care that I've received. Very thankful to have had him as my doctor.
Saturday, Dec 5, 2020
Dr. Fellhauer's and Dr. Robert's care, knowledge and concern for me as a patient over the years, is greatly appreciated - I feel like I'm heard and asked caring questions and given good solutions and the given time to understand what's going on and that I matter. Rare in some health practices.
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