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Bret Kort, MD

Bret Kort, MD
  • Speciality OB/GYN
  • Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • About It is a privilege for me to be an OB/GYN physician and see a wonderful variety of patients. In a given day, it's not unusual for me to perform surgeries, do a delivery, and see patients in the office. I enjoy meeting new patients and seeing patients I’ve cared for over the past fifteen years. I have been truly blessed to have a wonderful wife for twenty-six years, three healthy children, loving parents, and a dedicated staff at the office. My interests include playing a wide variety of sports, gardening, playing the trombone, and being an active member of 1st Presbyterian Church. Since its opening, I have been very happy to do most of my hospital work at Memorial North. I recently served as the Section Chief of the OB/GYN department for the Memorial Hospital system. I enjoy being a part of the Colorado Springs Obstetrical and Gynecological community.
  • Office Location Partners in Women's Health
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