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Belisario Bejarano, MD

Belisario Bejarano, MD
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  • Speciality Internal Medicine
  • Education Latin American School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba
  • About

    Dr. Bejarano is an academically- and professionally-decorated physician. He comes to us with experience in primary care, emergency care, and infectious diseases—particularly HIV. He also has volunteer experience in treating underserved communities such as Native American and indigenous populations and he is trilingual speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    Dr. Bejarano is described as caring, kind, and understanding. When it comes to his patients, he believes in treating people with a bio, psycho, and social approach. He treats people and individuals as a whole, not just a specific disease.

    When not treating patients, he enjoys spending time with my wife and daughter, exploring nature, watching movies, salsa dancing, collecting vinyl records, playing the piano, and practicing the art of Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu (Japanese swordsmanship).

  • Office Location Briargate Medical Associates
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